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We Are Maria HouseKeepers – Los Angeles

Stop spending valuable time completing cleaning tasks and let the professional cleaners take care of it. At Maria HouseKeepers we bring all of the essentials to ensure your floors and living spaces are always fresh and clean.

Whether you need residential cleaning services we are the perfect fit for you. Since the beginning, we have been satisfying clients in the Los Angeles area by providing quality workmanship, reliable service, consistent performance, and honesty. Most certainly, you will brag to your friends and family about our cleaning services!

From leaving your floors or office desks squeaky clean to pillows placed back with extra care, Maria Housekeeper will make a difference. Take our on this we are the professional cleaning company you are looking for.

Housekeeper - Los Angeles
We are committed to delivering the top house cleaning service experience anywhere. That’s why our services are performed by teams of friendly, skilled cleaning professionals and backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our promise of an exceptional home cleaning goes far beyond the physical cleaning itself. We have an experienced team to provide dedicated customer service throughout your entire experience. Members of our support team are always easy to reach and eager to help. Our policies are fair, easy to understand, and designed to anticipate your needs.

Residential Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Our housekeepers are dedicated to cleaning your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and other rooms so they sparkle and shine. When you return home after a long day, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in your clean home.

Window Cleaning Los Angeles CA

We’ll leave your windows streak-free after the first swipe, with safety guaranteed at any height! Window cleaning is necessary as it is the kind of thing you notice when not cleaned. Above all, our team of professionals has experience with all types of windows.

Condo Cleaning, Los Angeles, CA

Make your condo building a place that residents are proud to call home. We provide everything your residential building needs to ensure it is perfectly clean. Routine cleaning is not only for the benefit of people’s health and safety but also for the longevity of your furniture. 

Apartment Cleaning Los Anleges, CA

Living in an apartment building can contribute to more dust accumulation and poorer air quality due to centralized, shared ventilation systems. Our Microfiber Cloths trap more dust and grime than paper based or cotton cleaning cloths, meaning you get the ultimate clean every time.

Post Construction Cleanup Los Angeles, CA

Construction sites are dirty, dusty, and littered with waste. Our crew ensures complete waste removal, floor cleaning, and dusting to ensure the site is ready. Using a freshly constructed place isn’t possible without first cleaning it up thoroughly.

Move In/Out Cleaning, Los Angeles, CA

Whether you are moving out of house/apartment Maria Housekeepers can help you with your move-out cleaning. We guarantee that you will have a cleaning crew at your place on time to make your entire moving process as seamless as possible.

Deep Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

We allow you to add on extras like inside your fridge and inside your oven as well. Deep cleans are the perfect way to start off your recurring cleaning service. Once we get your home sparkling clean our recurring service will ensure that it never becomes dirty again.

Post-renovation cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Our post-renovation cleaning services eliminate dust, wood chips, grime, debris, etc. We put the finishing touches on your renovation, so you can move into the house you’ve been so excited to decorate and start living your life. Our services are available for recently renovated homes.

 Housekeeping Services Los Angeles, CA

We provide all cleaning supplies and equipment. Our cleaning methods are optimized to take the least amount of time. Our team also uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are safe for the whole family. We clean, sanitize, and disinfect all areas. 

On-going Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Our staff can fully customize your cleaning service. Treat yourself and have your home clean on an on-going basis by trained, experienced, and insured maids. You and your home deserve it! Choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. A Prompt, Professional Team

One-time Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Book a one-time cleaning service to save time and money! Each cleaning is tailored to your specific needs while following professional cleaning standards. Gain some peace of mind by hiring us for a deep scrub of your home. You’ll see it’s worth every penny.

Seasonal Cleaning Los Angeles, CA

Although we’re here to keep your home clean throughout the winter, when the warm weather comes around, it also helps to open up the windows, move the furniture around and complete the extra cleaning steps that are included in a “deep clean” checklist.

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